Sunday, September 24, 2006

1940's party menu

by request from our readers, we have provided a link to the final menu that was prepared for the 1940's party.

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a 1940's party (conclusion)

we conclude our posts about the recent 1940's party, paying special attention to the "all-American" dessert table. shortly after the conclusion of the second world war, cooks across America reveled in the end of rationing, again able to cook with eggs, milk, and butter. Chiffon cakes and pound cakes were popular, as well as packaged cake and brownie mixes-- available for the first time! the use of nuts in baking-- as in the "ticker tape" nut bars (pictured above) was also on the rise. and who doesn't love an all-American deep-dish apple pie?

M&M(tm) milk chocolate candies were developed for the US Army during the second world war. baked into cookies, they were presented in an American victory basket!

all in all, it was a beautiful evening! be sure to check back to see pictures of our latest events, or of our most favorite events from the past.

a 1940's party (part 3)

our description of the 1940's party continues, with this post focusing on the fruit and cheese display. due to the colorful and textural nature of the "fruit and cheese forest," we oftentimes choose to separate this portion of a buffet from the remainder of the food. in that way, guests can appreciate it from all sides.

accompanied by toasted and seasoned flatbreads, pita crisps, and sliced baguette, an assortment of European and American cheeses were presented together with port-wine stewed medjool dates, and a delicious rosemary-infused fig spread.

the highlight for most guests-- young and old alike-- however, remains the fruit and cheese forest. in this instance, if you look closely, you can see some army men creeping through the trees-- a fact greatly appreciated by our friend and client's nephew!

a 1940's party (continued)

the 1940's party presented some challenges in menu planning, due to the wartime rationing that was occurring in the United States at that time. because we wanted to offer guests high quality and diverse food, we set upon tastefully presenting cuisines from the super powers involved in the second world war, without promoting warfare or the ideals and opinions espoused by those involved. the results were highly successful, and enjoyed by all who attended.

the previous post provided highlights from the American, British, and Russian foods. this post presents foods from Japan, Germany, and Italy.

foods from Japan included pickled vegetable sushi, apricot-curry marinated grilled shrimp, and handmade pork and vegetable gyoza (pictured above). foods from Germany included skewered grilled German bratwurst with caraway roasted potatoes and baked green apples.

food from Italy included grilled baby artichokes with a roasted garlic and Parmesan dipping sauce, as well as seven cheese tortellini tossed with pesto and skewered with organic grape tomatoes and fresh mozzarella (pictured below).

as you can see, we took great attention to detail, presenting each regional cuisine with appropriate decoration and themed items. the presentation was not only fun, but carried forth the general theme of the evening!

a 1940's party

our most recent event was in celebration of a birthday-- a 40th birthday! and what better way to celebrate than a costume party themed to our friend and client's favorite decade-- the 1940's! drawing heavily on the influences of the second world war, the theme of the party encompassed the entire decade, from zoot suits to military uniforms, supper clubs to the U.S.O... set in a lovely outdoor venue, with lighting provided primarily by candles and white lights, it was a glittering event that hearkened back to an era of patriotism, glamour, and entertainment.

the focal point of the "allied powers" buffet was a "victory garden" crudite display (pictured above and below). arranged atop vintage windows and trellis, raw and steamed chilled vegetables were presented in varied pots and planting containers, accompanied by a roasted red pepper dip. vintage war era posters, hung with old-fashioned clothespins, completed the look.

additional items on the buffet included Russian wild mushroom pelmini (not pictured) as well as a British station complete with horseradish crusted roast beef, and a selection of scones, biscuits, and Yorkshire puddings (pictured below).

there were four tables of food at the party, including foods inspired by the "axis powers," fruit and cheese, and an all-American dessert table. pictures and descriptions of these tables will be provided in future posts.