Sunday, September 24, 2006

a 1940's party (continued)

the 1940's party presented some challenges in menu planning, due to the wartime rationing that was occurring in the United States at that time. because we wanted to offer guests high quality and diverse food, we set upon tastefully presenting cuisines from the super powers involved in the second world war, without promoting warfare or the ideals and opinions espoused by those involved. the results were highly successful, and enjoyed by all who attended.

the previous post provided highlights from the American, British, and Russian foods. this post presents foods from Japan, Germany, and Italy.

foods from Japan included pickled vegetable sushi, apricot-curry marinated grilled shrimp, and handmade pork and vegetable gyoza (pictured above). foods from Germany included skewered grilled German bratwurst with caraway roasted potatoes and baked green apples.

food from Italy included grilled baby artichokes with a roasted garlic and Parmesan dipping sauce, as well as seven cheese tortellini tossed with pesto and skewered with organic grape tomatoes and fresh mozzarella (pictured below).

as you can see, we took great attention to detail, presenting each regional cuisine with appropriate decoration and themed items. the presentation was not only fun, but carried forth the general theme of the evening!

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