Sunday, September 24, 2006

a 1940's party (conclusion)

we conclude our posts about the recent 1940's party, paying special attention to the "all-American" dessert table. shortly after the conclusion of the second world war, cooks across America reveled in the end of rationing, again able to cook with eggs, milk, and butter. Chiffon cakes and pound cakes were popular, as well as packaged cake and brownie mixes-- available for the first time! the use of nuts in baking-- as in the "ticker tape" nut bars (pictured above) was also on the rise. and who doesn't love an all-American deep-dish apple pie?

M&M(tm) milk chocolate candies were developed for the US Army during the second world war. baked into cookies, they were presented in an American victory basket!

all in all, it was a beautiful evening! be sure to check back to see pictures of our latest events, or of our most favorite events from the past.

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