Tuesday, June 19, 2007

triple ginger cookies

When our good friend-- and longtime cookie-making partner in crime-- told us that she and her husband were expecting a new addition to their family, we were very excited here at orenji catering... Of course, accompanying the news of the imminent visit from the stork were her reports of terrible stomach upset and morning sickness. She mentioned that ginger was recommended to her, to soothe her stomach, and requested that we create some ginger cookies for her to nibble on... The only requirements were that they not be"too sweet," but rather, taste "somewhat hot or spicy."

We were all to happy to oblige... and headed to the orenji catering test kitchens to see what ginger-infused magic we could conjure up? After a few attempts, we settled on the addition of three types of ginger flavoring to our cookie dough-- fresh grated young ginger, finely chopped candied ginger, and ginger oil (to add the touch of heat our friend requested). To complement the ginger, and add a dash of spice, we opted for some Chinese five-spice powder, rather than the more traditional cinnamon or nutmeg found in most ginger cookies.

The cookies turned out soft and chewy, with a delightfully layered ginger flavor, accented by a touch of spice-- just as requested. We can only hope that these cookies do the trick, and that our friend feels better soon!

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