Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a tropical cupcake wedding cake!

Some time ago, we were commissioned to create a tropical wedding cake, for some friends who had recently gotten married in Hawai'i. Upon their return to sunny California, the happy couple threw a tropical-themed wedding celebration. We were all too happy to participate, and in our collaboration with the radiant bride, decided upon a orchid-laden tower of cupcakes.

Six types of cupcakes were prepared, decorated individually, and placed upon a lovely tiered platter (seen at right). The cupcake flavors included:

* Vanilla-bean pound cake with milk chocolate buttercream (the groom’s favorite!)

* Macadamia nut golden cupcakes with toasted coconut buttercream (Perfect for the tropical theme!)

* Devil’s food cupcakes with whipped bittersweet chocolate ganache

* White genoise cupcakes soaked in Chambord syrup and topped with white chocolate buttercream

* Milk chocolate cupcakes soaked in Kahlua syrup with Kona coffee buttercream

* Golden genoise soaked with Frangelico syrup and topped with French cashew praline buttercream

The cupcakes themselves were the perfect size, and presented an easy-to-eat option for guests in the casual atmosphere of the tropical party. More than one guest tried all six flavors! The top tier held a small cake, decorated with a variety of tropical flowers and ribbon, to be saved for the happy couple's first anniversary.

We are always so happy to be a part of any couple's "special day," but it is always so much more enjoyable when the couple is made up of two friends! Congratulations, and Mahalo!

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