Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Valentine's Day Pricing Guide Now Available!

We are pleased to announce our 2009 Valentine's Day Pricing Guide is now available. To place an order, please email us at!

To access the 2009 Valentine's Day Pricing Guide, please visit the following link:

2009 Valentine's Day Pricing Guide

In the pricing guide, you will find wonderful romantic treats like:

bittersweet chocolate covered caramelized figs, port wine truffle

Belgian bittersweet chocolate and espresso cream truffles

Belgian white chocolate and pistachio truffles

Belgian milk chocolate and raspberry truffles

assorted hand-rolled Belgian chocolate truffles

scented homemade marshmallows with bittersweet chocolate
(select vanilla, orange, or lavender-scented)

scented homemade marshmallows (decorated with seasonal sugars)
(vanilla, orange or lavender-scented)

chocolate enrobed graham crackers with holiday decorations
(select white, bittersweet, or milk chocolate)

chocolate enrobed pretzels with holiday decorations
(select white, bittersweet, or milk chocolate)

hand-poured chocolate orange slices infused with candied orange peel
(select milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, or assorted chocolate)

hand-candied orange peel with bittersweet, milk, & white chocolates

hand-crafted Hawaiian sea salt caramels enrobed in milk chocolate

peppermint shortbread hearts with bittersweet & white chocolates

milk chocolate short bread hearts with toasted coconut

lemon madeleines with earl grey icing

Hawaiian lavender shortbread tea cookies

assorted shortbread hearts and tea cookies

bittersweet heart-shaped chocolate truffle brownies

brown sugar caramel, toasted coconut, milk chocolate, macadamia nut
brownies (heart-shaped)

Don't forget your special someone this Valentine's Day-- give them a gift from orenji!

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