Friday, August 07, 2009

afternoon snacks: espresso brownies and meyer lemon bars...

We conclude our review of recently created "retreat treats" with a look at the afternoon snack offerings-- a bit of sugar to revive the tired retreaters...

For the occasion, we created two delightfully distinct treats-- chocolate espresso brownies and Meyer lemon bars. The chocolate brownies began with 80% bittersweet Belgian cocoa powder. Nearly black in appearance, this cocoa is the deepest, richest cocoa powder to be found, and the results are incredible! Further adding to the depth of flavor, fine Italian espresso was added to the brownie mix. Moist and firm, not gooey, these brownies were topped with Bittersweet chocolate ganache, white chocolate shavings, and toasted cocoa nibs for texture and earthy sweetness. We were amazed how quickly these brownies disappeared!

The second of our afternoon treats was a light and refreshing lemon bar made with Meyer lemon juice. Of course, we had to put an orenji twist on the classic lemon bar, and set up to balance the flavors of the lemony tartness. To accomplish this, we infused the lemon juice with both Hawaiian lavender and French thyme. The floral high notes and herbal undertones added a complexity and balance to the lemon bars which made them nearly irresistible (in our opinion!).

All in all, a very successful retreat! We hope our contributions added to the importance of the day, and helped create a space where the attendees could flourish!
Where to turn our attention to next? You'll have to check back to find out!

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