Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day Treats, part 3...

We continue our review of treats created for Mother's Day 2008 with our mother's favorite cookie-- Apricot & Almond Shortbread. These cookies are dense, rich, and buttery-- the perfect balance of sweet fruit with nutty flavor.

Starting with a dense and buttery shortbread crust, these bars are topped with a Grand Marnier-infused apricot filling redolent with Tahitian vanilla and fresh orange zest. A struesel topping, made with brown sugar and roasted almond slices, completes the bar-- adding deep nutty flavors, as well as a delightful textural contrasting crunch.

A simple confectioner's glaze adds visual appeal and creaminess to the already rich and dense shortbreads. Packed by the half-pound, we guarantee that these cookies won't last very long!

Also prepared during Mother's Day 2008 is a classic confection and orenji customer favorite: Chocolate Enrobed Graham Crackers.

We start with hand-crafted grahams, which we enrobe by hand in the finest Belgian milk and dark chocolates. Drizzles of chocolate and sugar flowers create both visual and textural contrast to these fine spring treats.

We bet you can't eat just one! Be sure to check back tomorrow for continuing coverage of Mother's Day 2008.

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