Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mother's Day Treats, part 4...

We conclude our review of Mother's Day 2008 treats with an orenji signature creation: Milk and Dark Chocolate Orange Slices with Candied Orange Peel.
We begin with the finest Belgian milk and bittersweet chocolates-- smooth and creamy-- into which we fold bits of our hand-candied orange peel.

The peel creates a bitter-sweet, sugary contrast to the smoothness of the chocolate, infusing it with deliciously vibrant, yet subtle, orange flavor.

We also are pleased to offer our hand-candied orange peel by itself-- the perfectly sweet finish to any meal.
Wrapped in our signature orange foil, and packaged in gold boxes with 'orenji' embossed ribbon, these orange slices are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Next we turn our attention to some springtime cupcakes in various flavors. You don't want to miss this!

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