Thursday, December 01, 2011

Holiday Treats: Espresso & Cashew Brittle

Last year, during the winter holidays, we created some new and exciting items!  One of these new favorites is our orenji Espresso and Cashew Brittle, available this year on our 2011 Winter Holiday Pricing Guide (available by clicking here).

Our cashew brittle, infused with the deep, rich taste of Italian espresso, is an instant classic! With roasted, salted cashews, and sweet caramelized sugars, the dark flavors of the ground coffee give this brittle a perfect balance. It is the ideal compliment to sweets, offering a bitter contrast, which is why we pair it with our caramelized pear cakes with salted caramel icing!

Pick up your Espresso and Cashew Brittle today, just in time for the holidays!

Like what you see? There is still plenty of time to order for shipping or local delivery! Find our Assorted Holiday Cookies in 43 varieties, as well as a host of delicious holiday treats, confections, breakfast pastries, and whole desserts on our 2011Winter Holiday Pricing Guide, available now by clicking here!

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