Sunday, November 05, 2006

in search of the perfect sandwich...

Recently, orenji catering was hired to furnish light salads and gourmet sandwiches for a baby shower. In preparation of the menu, we embarked on a search for the perfect sandwich-- hearth-baked breads, fresh vegetables, gourmet meats and cheeses, and flavorful spreads. In this post we will highlight four of the sandwiches created for this special occasion.

The first sandwich we developed was inspired by a Tuscan picnic sandwich we created over the summer. Rosemary and Parmesan scented foccacia was filled with oven-roasted turkey, creamy Camembert cheese, leaf lettuce, and a rosemary-infused fig spread prepared with Italian Chianti wine. The creaminess of the Camembert complimented the acidity of the wine nicely, resulting in a hearty, balanced sandwich.

But was it the perfect sandwich? Perhaps that is a matter of personal opinion...

The second sandwich created was a moist and tangy apricot-curry chicken salad, served on a freshly baked butter croissant. The chicken salad was full of apricots, mandarin oranges, slivered almonds, chicken breast, yogurt, and hinted with curry. Crispy red leaf lettuce was the perfect textural compliment to the flaky croissant and moist and chewy salad.

The third sandwich was a delicious vegetarian option. Freshly grilled vegetables-- zucchini, eggplant, peppers, and carrots, were rolled in toasted flatbread with oven-roasted tomatoes and an herbed white bean spread. Crispy leaf lettuce and thinly sliced provolone cheese completed this deliciously smoky sandwich.

The last sandwich we created for the baby shower featured pepper-crusted roast beef for those guests with a heartier appetite. The beef was piled on a dried-cranberry hearth roll, and topped with caramelized red onions, heirloom tomatoes, and crunchy sprouts. A tangy horseradish creme finished the sandwiches, complementing the earthier flavors of black pepper and sweet onions.

Did we find the perfect sandwich? We think we found four... but we're also sure that the quest will continue in preparation for future events. We'll be sure to document the search as it continues...

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