Thursday, December 28, 2006

the 34 cookies of Christmas: day 8

The cookie we will highlight on day 8 of the 34 cookies of Christmas are lovingly called "walnut dreams." The original recipe we use was handed down to us by our late dear friend Cheryl (see day 1 for our memorial tribute to her), and whenever we make them, our thoughts are with her. Based upon the original recipe, we made some modifications in our test kitchen, with the results quite enjoyable. A three layer bar, these tempting cookies have been described as "obscenely rich!" Sitting atop a flaky shortbread crust is a gooey brown sugar caramel walnut filling. Already sinfully sweet and rich, we top those two layers with a vanilla infused buttery icing (and holiday decorations, which change annually). The bars are cut into tiny squares, as that is all one needs of these luscious treats. Some people dream of a white Christmas... others dream of 'walnut dreams'...

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