Wednesday, December 20, 2006

visions of sugarplums...

We were delighted to be hired to create a number of smaller orders of sweets this year. One friend and client distributed our holiday krispie treats to her colleagues at work. Another chose our gourmet peanut butter and milk chocolate popcorn. While not dancing sugarplums in the traditional sense of the word, we know that these festive treats brightened our friends' workplaces in the days leading up to the winter holidays.

For our holiday krispie treats, we prepared a crunchy base of cereal and marshmallows studded with red and green candy coated chocolates. On top of that we poured a thick smooth layer of Belgian bittersweet chocolate, and drizzled white chocolate on top of that. The treats were decorated with red and green Christmas sprinkles or blue and white winter sprinkles. Each treat, cut into a four inch by four inch square was individually wrapped and ribboned for presentation to a lucky recipient!

Our gourmet popcorn starts with freshly popped caramel corn, which we toss with peanuts and a rich peanut butter coating. Milk chocolate and holiday decorations complete this luscious and addictive treat.

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