Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Treats: Orange-Scented Shortbread

We created many special and delicious items for Easter 2008. Over the next two weeks we will review some of the highlights... some items you will have seen before. Others will be orenji firsts!
One of the new items that we created for the Easter season-- which proved quite popular with our customers-- were orange-scented shortbread cookies in the shape of tulips, lambs, bunnies, and eggs.
The shortbread was light, flaky, and fragile, delicately scented with the acidic high notes of orange juice, oil, and zest. To complement the sharp orange taste and crispy texture, the shortbreads were dipped in smooth and creamy Belgian white and milk chocolates. The contrast of the smooth chocolate and the flaky cookie was a match made in heaven.

Delightfully spring-like sugar pastel discs completed the decoration of these beautiful Easter cookies.

For our orange-scented tulips, the tips were dipped in pastel colored coarse sanding sugar, evocative of spring-colored tulips...

As with past holidays, we also received a number of orders for our almond and orange shortbread bars. Rich and buttery, flavored with almond paste and toasted almonds, and filled with a sinfully delicious apricot and orange liqueur filling, these shortbread bars are the perfect combination!

Moist and sweet, our apricot-almond shortbread bars are perfect for dessert, snacks, or afternoon tea!
Tomorrow, more Easter 2008 treats from orenji! Be sure to check back!

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