Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orenji 2009 Easter Pricing Guide Now Available!

Orenji is pleased to announce the availability of our 2009 Easter Pricing Guide! To view the guide and place your holiday orders, please visit the link provided below:

Listed in the guide, you will find a wide assortment of delightful Easter and springtime treats including:

Milk chocolate eggs filled with our homemade fruit-scented marshmallow

Milk chocolate eggs filled with peanut-butter truffle filling

Bittersweet chocolate eggs filled with caramel-coconut filling

White chocolate eggs filled with Japanese matcha green tea truffle filling

Milk chocolate eggs filled with chocolate-caramel truffle filling

Bittersweet chocolate eggs filled with chocolate-cappuccino filling

Solid bittersweet chocolate eggs with Mexican cinnamon, smoked sea salt, and chili pepper

Egg-shaped chocolate drizzled krispy cereal treats with festive Easter decorations

Handmade fruit-scented marshmallows (with our without chocolate drizzle)

Orange-scented shortbread in festive Easter shapes

Earl grey-infused madeleines with lemon icing

Hawaiian lavender shortbread tea cookies

Green tea shortcake sandwiches filled with white chocolate-cardamom ganache

Apricot and almond shortbread bars

Freshly baked Easter hot cross buns

Our full line of Sweet Fortune chocolates

A selection of gourmet popcorns

A wide variety of breakfast treats perfect for Easter brunch (including the Apricot & Vanilla Cream Scones pictured below!)

We hope that you are enjoying the Spring season, and that we may contribute to your upcoming celebration of Easter. To place an order, simply email us at or call us at 646.505.9794. We look forward to hearing from you!

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