Monday, March 23, 2009

Springtime krispy cereal treats- just in time for Easter!

Here at orenji, we take krispy cereal treats very seriously! One of our favorite childhood memories is making these with our grandmother in her kitchen, the smell of vanilla and marshmallow filling the busy space. Of course, back then, we made them in their purest form-- crispy squares cut directly from the pan and eaten! Now, we put more of a decorative twist on them, infusing flavors like vanilla or peanut butter, drizzling chocolates, cutting shapes. But at their core, they are still the same childhood-favorite treat, packed equally with flavor and nostalgia. Perhaps that is why they remain one of our most popular items!

With springtime here, and Easter right around the corner, we have two types of krispy treats we are currently creating in the orenji kitchens: Easter Eggs and springtime flowers.

Both shapes are enrobed and drizzled with the finest Belgian milk, bittersweet, and white chocolates, and finished with festive seasonal sprinkles!

Tied with beautiful pink or blue satin ribbons, these are the perfect gifts to welcome spring, or to fill that special Easter basket! Remember, there is still time to order your Easter treats from orenji!

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