Monday, March 30, 2009

Afternoon Tea Baby Shower: Savory Offerings

We continue our discussion of the recently created "Afternoon Tea Baby Shower" with a focus on the savory baked products we prepared.

Palmiers are a classic French baked goods, created from flaky puff pastry rolled into the shape of a palm leaf, flattened, and baked. Typically, palmiers are sweet, with cinnamon and sugar rolled into the buttery layers. In this case, we created savory palmiers, filling them with thin layers of shaved prosciutto, honey mustard, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Smoky, tangy, sweet, and salty, these are the perfect brunch food to complement traditional pastries.

The second of our specially-created savory baked goods started with a basic Southern biscuit recipe. To that, we added sharp Farmhouse Cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, cracked telicherry pepper, and fragrant locally grown sage.

Again, the smokiness of the bacon, paired with the tang of the cheese, and the herbal high-notes of the sage, created a flaky and perfectly balanced biscuit! We can already tell, here at orenji, that these biscuits are quickly going to become one of our favorite accompaniments to many meals!

Along with the savory baked goods, we also prepared a deliciously light salad of locally grown field greens and edible flowers, spicy-sweet candied pecans, Gorgonzola cheese, frizzled leeks, and fresh blackberries. Completing the salad was a fresh and acidic champagne vinaigrette with low notes of caramelized onions.

All in all, the Afternoon Tea Baby Shower was a success. In our next post, we'll talk a bit more about the tea cookies and other baked treats we prepared. Be sure to check back!

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