Monday, November 30, 2009

thanksgiving bittersweet chocolate and pumpkin spice cheesecake

The last of our Thanksgiving specialties for this year is a deliciously smooth and creamy pumpkin spice cheesecake, with a layer of bittersweet chocolate cheesecake for flavor contrast! The lightness of the pumpkin layer, mixed with the deep rich low notes of Belgian bittersweet chocolate, create a memorable battle of flavors in the mouth! Both are so good, we don't know who the winner is! On a crispy chocolate crust, these two layers of cheesecake are the perfect ending to any holiday meal!

Hand modeled chocolate leaves surround the cheesecake, tied with a beautiful orange organza ribbon. Hand-poured leaves and acorns adorn the top, creating a visually stunning dessert!

Perhaps you missed ordering an orenji cheesecake for your Thanksgiving meal? Be sure to check out our 2009 Winter Holidays Pricing Guide, as a selection of fine cheesecakes (in assorted flavors) is available for your Winter Holiday gatherings!

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