Monday, November 30, 2009

Orenji 2009 Winter Holidays Pricing Guide Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the 2009 Winter Holiday Pricing Guide. To access to guide, simply follow the link below, or visit the link on the left-hand side of this blog:

2009 Orenji Winter Holiday Pricing Guide

On the list this year, you will find an assortment of delicious holiday treats, including our following recommendations:

Orenji Assorted Holiday Cookies
Holiday cookies are sold by the pound. Each cookie is handcrafted to be bite-sized, and prepared with the finest ingredients, including imported Belgian chocolate. You can expect approximately 3 dozen miniature cookies per pound, in forty varieties. Cookies by the pound are ten dollars per pound, although a discount is applied when buying three or more pounds.

Other Orenji Holiday Offerings:
bittersweet chocolate covered caramelized figs, port wine truffle
Belgian white chocolate and pumpkin spice truffles
Belgian milk chocolate and Earl Grey tea truffles
Belgian bittersweet chocolate and Calvados truffles
scented homemade marshmallows (orange, peppermint, or vanilla)
Belgian chocolate enrobed dried fruit
Chocolate drizzled krispy cereal treat Christmas Trees and Snowmen
chocolate enrobed graham crackers with holiday decorations
a selection of gourmet popcorns
our complete line of “sweet fortune” chocolates
holiday cakes and tortes, including the traditional bouche du noel
a variety of cheesecakes, including white chocolate and cranberry
a selection of tarts, including caramelized pear and frangipane
caramel pumpkin pie
sweet potato tart with toasted marshmallows and pecans
blueberry lemon tart with almonds
a delicious selection of yeast rolls for your holiday meal
and an assortment of scones for your holiday brunch!

Please see our Pricing Guide for a full selection of holiday treats!

Remember, the winter holidays are right around the corner. Order now to ensure timely delivery!

Orders requiring shipping (for Christmas arrival) must be placed by Monday, December 14th.
Orders for local pick-up/ delivery must be placed by Monday, December 21st.

To order, send an email to Jacob @ or call 646.505.9794. We look forward to helping make your family’s Thanksgiving delicious! Happy Holidays!

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