Monday, November 26, 2007

a Thanksgiving feast: the salad course...

We continue our review of the orenji catering Thanksgiving feast with a focus on our salad course. Being autumn, and somewhat chilly, we opted for a warm salad-- highlighting some rich autumn flavors.
In our family, oysters were always a Thanksgiving tradition-- perhaps hearkening back to the first Thanksgiving in which the bounty of the land and sea were served. We created this course to be reminiscent of oysters... but we used lobster!
Our salad course consisted of a warm Nantucket corn pudding-- prepared with fresh shucked corn, cream, eggs, fresh thyme, and seasonings. Atop the corn pudding we served some thin slices of butter-poached lobster tail. Tender, juicy, and buttery, it was the perfect sweet compliment to the corn pudding.
Paired with the pudding and shellfish was a warm salad of endive, tossed with a sharp saffron-infused vinaigrette. The vinegar of the dressing cut through the sweet butteriness of the pudding and lobster, creating a balanced, yet rich, salad course.
Following the rich flavors of the salad, we definitely needed to cleanse our palates... and that is what the next course did. Check back to read about our homemade Thanksgiving sorbet!

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