Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a Thanksgiving feast: festive sorbet...

Our Thanksgiving feast continued with a fresh sorbet to cleanse our palates. After the rich amuses bouche, savory pumpkin bisque, and sweet and buttery corn and lobster, we needed a clean and fresh taste to reset our palates for the entree. Our cranberry, ginger, and lemongrass sorbet course did just that.
We started with some fresh cranberries, into which we added a healthy portion of our homemade ginger and lemongrass infused shu (homemade Japanese liquor, see previous posts for description of the creation process). The smooth and starchy cranberries mingled well with the sharp tastes of lemongrass and ginger, creating a light and bright flavor combination that was simultaneously refreshing and delicious.
The bright crimson of the sorbet was complimented by a sugared toasted crab apple chip, adding both texture and unique fall flavors to the dish.

With our palates cleansed, we turned our attention to the main course-- a family style Turkey-centered extravaganza highlighting local produce and fresh fall flavors. Be sure to keep reading!

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