Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the 34 cookies of Christmas: day 21

Yesterday, on day 21, we discussed a light and buttery Viennese shortbread. Today's cookie is also a shortbread cookie, but is prepared more in the Scottish tradition. This shortbread is also buttery, but with a dough that is heavier, worked longer in the kneading process, and more dense as a result. As is traditional, the dough is shaped into flat discs, which are pre-cut prior to baking, and then cut again after the warm cookies are removed from the oven. This particular shortbread is packed full of fresh and crystallized ginger, pecans, and dried cranberries for a touch of tartness. They are dusted with raw demura sugar, which gives them a gentle glisten in the twinkling holiday lights, and drizzled with fine Belgian white chocolate. These are not too sweet, yet very satisfying cookies to enjoy with a cup of tea at mid-day, or even first thing in the morning as a breakfast treat.

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