Friday, January 26, 2007

looking forward while looking back...

Looking back: We have had lots of comments on the 2006 holiday cookies we created in December, and reviewed over the past month. Many of the comments specifically identified their "favorite" cookie. And so, here at orenji catering, we feel obliged to ask you: "What is your favorite?" So far, we have received "votes" for the walnut dreams, the peanut butter secrets, the Viennese shortbread with mocha buttercream, the lavender shortbread, and anise scented fig and date pinwheels, and many others. But the surprising front-runner this year is the maple logs!

Looking forward: 2007 is well underway, and with it, we begin to look forward. Keep checking back for posts on many of our recent (and future) culinary undertakings: homemade fruit-infused Japanese liquors, candied figs, a spectacular cupcake wedding cake, a five-star plated dinner party, a sushi-inspired birthday event, various celebratory desserts, and a countdown to our culinary tour of Lima, Peru. It's going to be an exciting year!

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