Saturday, January 13, 2007

the 34 cookies of Christmas: day 24

The twenty-fourth cookie created for Christmas 2006 is one that we have made for over a decade, first at home, and later here, at orenji catering. Back in the home baking days, these fragrant cookies attracted the attention of our seventy pound black lab, who broke through restraining gates into the kitchen in our absence, climbed onto the counter, and devoured almost twenty-five pounds of these cookies. She certainly learned her lesson, as did we!

The base of these cookies is a dense coffee-infused dough, with a touch of Dutch baking cocoa and melted Belgian bittersweet chocolate. Vanilla paste and freshly grated cinnamon add complex undertones to the coffee flavoring. After baking, a drizzle of fine tempered Belgian white chocolate creates the "cappuccino" effect that gives these cookies their name: cappuccino flats. We think they're good enough to eat 25 pounds of!

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