Saturday, July 28, 2007

a trio of celebratory desserts: conclusion

We conclude our three-blog review of recently commissioned and completed celebratory desserts with another cheesecake. Our clients seem to really enjoy our cheesecakes, especially to celebrate birthdays!
The cheesecake in question was created with a "Hawaiian theme." A creamy vanilla bean base was packed full of hand-caramelized banana pieces, which were placed upon a dark chocolate cookie crust. As with all our cheesecakes, the base itself was not overly sweet, but was beautifully balanced once the sweet fruit (heavy with brown sugar) was stirred into the creamy cheese mixture!
Once baked and cooled, the cheesecake was topped with pan-roasted macadamia nuts, Belgian bittersweet chocolate ganache infused with a hint of banana rum, and a deliciously smooth sea-salt caramel sauce. The three toppings created a gooey bittersweet finish to the cheesecake.
Continuing our Hawai'i-inspired theme, we covered the sides of the cheesecake with toasted fresh coconut, both beautiful and delicious!
What will we post next? We're not sure... there's so much to choose from. But be sure to check back for our next "surprise!" Until then, bon app├ętit!

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