Sunday, December 02, 2007

a Thanksgiving feast: turkey and all the trimmings...

Our review of the orenji catering Thanksgiving 2007 feast continues with the main event: turkey and all the trimmings!
We opted to serve our entree as a family-style course, as Thanksgiving is all about sharing with those you care about. Our turkey was brined and roasted with crab apples and granny smith apples, and served with an apple cider pan reduction which was both dark and meaty, as well as light and fruity. The bird itself, thanks to the brining, was sweet and juicy, and carved perfectly while retaining its natural flavor and juices.
Accompanying the turkey, along with the apple cider pan reduction, was a delicious cranberry sauce-- infused with port wine, cinnamon, sweet anjou pears, and salty pine nuts.

Roasted locally grown vegetables were the highlight of the course-- parsnips and carrots (with their tops), roasted and glazed with a sweet and savory molasses, as well as fresh brussel sprouts, roasted with applewood smoked bacon and freshly roasted chestnuts. The saltiness of the bacon complimented the sweet chestnuts perfectly!

Instead of a traditional bread stuffing, we opted to prepare a savory bread pudding-- brimming with oven-roasted shallots, fresh thyme, and root vegetables. The pudding was light and creamy, buttery, and deep in flavor due to the roasted root vegetables. It was a delicious accompaniment to the turkey, and wonderful with a drizzle of the apple cider pan reduction.

For starch, we served a celeriac mash- lighter than potatoes, and full of rich autumn flavors, as well as sweet potatoes roasted with cumin seed and served with a brown-sugar and chili pepper butter. The heat and sweetness of the butter nicely complimented the savory depth of the cumin seeds.
With the entree complete, we next turned our attention to dessert-- the perfect ending to a wonderful meal!

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