Friday, November 14, 2008

Seeing the World in Chocolate...

We turn our attention to chocolate today... a selection of Orenji's recently prepared chocolates and truffles. This "sampler" of chocolates, each hand-crafted, was as delicious as it was beautiful. Here at Orenji, we only use the finest Belgian chocolates and organic ingredients. This attention to detail and careful selection of ingredients is evident in taste, texture, and appearance.

Starting on the left, we have smooth sea salt caramels--prepared with Hawaiian red sea salt, enrobed in smooth bittersweet chocolate and topped with a sprinkle of salt. The salty-sweet combination is a perfect balance in the mouth-- neither overly sweet nor salty. This may be our favorite confection!

Next, our Gianduja Crisp-- a crispy layer of hazelnut praline, topped with smooth Gianduja (hazelnut milk chocolate) truffle, enrobed in bittersweet chocolate and topped with a toasted hazelnut. Rich and deep in flavor, these chocolates transport the eater to Europe... if only for a moment!

Third from the left, a creamy and smooth Milk Chocolate and Caramel Truffle with Toasted Coconut. The crunchy coconut adds a textural contrast to these deliciously meltable truffles!

Third from the right, a Bittersweet Chocolate and Peanut Butter truffle-- the bitterness of the chocolate and the sweetness of the peanut butter melding perfectly to create a balanced gustatory experience.
Next, our frequently requested Milk Chocolate & Garam Masala truffle-- sweet, smooth milk chocolate combined with the smoky Indian spice mixture redolent with cardamom and curry. These truffles have to be tasted to be believed!
Above the truffles, our signature Orenji Orange Slices-- milk and dark chocolates loaded with finely chopped hand-candied orange peel. These are the perfect combination of chocolate and orange!
The last truffle, on the right, is a dark Bittersweet Chocolate truffle infused with espresso, and rolled in ground cocoa nibs. These truffles are perfect for the most discerning dark chocolate lovers. Not too sweet, they can be paired with a bold red wine, glass of port, or strong coffee.

With such variety, how does one choose which to sample first? The only solution is that one must try them all!

We love chocolate, here at Orenji. We love experimenting with flavor combinations and infusions. It's only a matter of time until we try something new... so you will have to keep checking back to see our progress in the Orenji test kitchen!

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