Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet Fortune's Latest Variety!

Sweet Fortune is Orenji's line of hand-crafted chocolates with exotic truffle fillings. Shaped like fortune cookies, these chocolates are a wonderful gift for the adventurous food-lover in your life!

Previous flavors in the Sweet Fortune line include:

*White Chocolate with Matcha Green Tea & Cardamom Truffle Filling
*Bittersweet Chocolate with Gianduja (Italian Hazelnut Milk Chocolate) Truffle Filling
*Milk Chocolate with White Chocolate & Lavender Truffle Filling
* Bittersweet Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea & Milk Chocolate Truffle Filling

We are pleased to announce that a new variety has joined the Sweet Fortune family:

* Bittersweet Chocolate with Chili Pepper, Mexican Cinnamon, and Smoked Sea Salt Truffle Filling

Dark, bitter, and smokey in flavor, these chocolates are perfect enjoyed with a glass of red wine, or savored on their own. The subtle heat of the chili, paired with the sweetness of cinnamon and smoky sea salt creates a complex flavor profile on the tongue. Exotic and interesting, we're certain you'll enjoy these confections!
Topped with smooth Belgian white chocolate and sprinkled with Mexican cinnamon, these gems are packaged in an eye-catching take-out container. Perfect for holiday gift-giving!

Tomorrow, a look at some more of Orenji's hand-crafted chocolates. We encourage you to come back and visit!

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