Friday, February 15, 2008

more orenji valentine's day treats...

Here at orenji catering, we are getting quite a reputation for gourmet caramel popcorns... We have posted previously about our peanut butter and milk chocolate gourmet popcorn (a customer favorite, to be sure!). The gourmet popcorn we created for Valentine's Day is infused with the flavors of Hawai'i-- the perfect tropical paradise for couples everywhere!

Delicious buttery caramel corn meets it's match in this concoction. It is first combined with salted and toasted Hawaiian macadamia nuts and freshly toasted coconut. The ingredients are then bathed in the finest smooth Belgian milk chocolate.

In this particular case, the popcorn was liberally dusted with festive pink, red, and white sugar hearts, and then drizzled with Belgian white chocolate for smooth flavor and visual contrast.

Packaged beautifully in festive bags with white satin ribbon, the gourmet popcorn is a perfect treat for that special person. Once the bag is open, we guarantee this tasty treat won't last very long... but hopefully the love and appreciation for your generous gift will!

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