Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Day Treats...

...and the treats just keep on coming!
2008 brought us some fun and new Valentine's Day treats... among them a variety of heart-shaped brownies!
Last week, we blogged about our triple chocolate brownies with Godiva liqueur truffle ganache. This week, we will focus on our second heart-shaped brownie-- this one inspired by tropical flavors.

We start these brownies with a family recipe, handed down from generation to generation, with a deliciously dense brown sugar caramel brownie base. To this creamy base, we add mounds of toasted coconut, freshly roasted, chopped, and salted macadamia nuts, and smooth Belgian milk chocolate chunks. Tahitian vanilla lends the final high note of flavor to these delectable brownies!
Crackly and crunchy on the top, dense and chewy inside, these brownies are the perfect combination of flavor, texture, and appearance. Despite their size, we bet you couldn't eat just one!
More Valentine's Day treats to come, including a selection of delicate tea cookies, and a new line of hand-poured chocolates! Be sure to check back...

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