Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Colorado chef's degustation: course two...

Course two of our Colorado chef's degustation was developed with the intention of highlighting simple Japanese flavors, while cleansing the palate and awakening the taste buds to future courses.
To that end, we prepared a deconstructed Japanese "mojito..."
The focal point of the deconstructed course was an icy granita of Hakutsure-Sayuri (はくつるーさゆり) sake, a sweet unfiltered sake reminiscent of cantaloupe melon. The warmth of the sake was complemented by a green aloe "air"-- a light whipped foam which clung to the icy granita, providing both textural and temperature contrast.
A fresh flavored sweet shiso gelée, cubed to resemble ice cubes with a foamy gradient, provided an herbal tone to the dish. Freshly crisped shiso sprinkled with sea salt, and hand-candied young white ginger tempura provided both warmth and texture to the complex dish.
All in all, this "cold" course awoke the palates of our guests, providing both a cleansing bite as well as a conversation starter. It prepared us all for the following course, the fish course. Check back to see what we did with Chilean sea bass!

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