Thursday, December 09, 2010

25 Years of Holiday Cookies: "Sneak Peak" at Featured Cookie #4

We continue our celebration of the 25th Anniversary of orenji Assorted Holiday Cookies with a “sneak peak” at the fourth of our “featured cookies” for 2010!

Each year, we preview five or six new varieties of cookies, looking for flavors and ingredients that we haven’t previously used. This year we looked to incorporate some new, locally produced ingredients: wildflower and orange blossom honey!

Our Wildflower Honey and Almond Shortbread begins with a traditional shortbread recipe, substituting locally produced wildflower and orange blossom honey for the sugar. For textural contrast and a depth of flavor we added salted Marcona almonds, which give these sweet cookies a slightly salty finish. Rolled in orange sugar, and garnished with whole almonds, these cookies are a pretty, yet simple, reminder of the importance of supporting our local farmers!

Like what you see? It’s not too late to order for local delivery! Find our Assorted Holiday Cookies in 41 varieties, as well as a host of delicious holiday treats, breakfast pastries, and whole desserts on our 2010 Winter Holiday Pricing Guide, available now by clicking here!

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