Monday, December 20, 2010

Miniature Holiday Desserts (part 2)

Looking forward to the 2010 Winter Holidays, we created some new and exciting items for our Winter Holiday Pricing Guide (available by clicking here). Of course, we have also been busy providing sweets for holiday events!

We continue our look back at the miniature dessert party we assisted with this year. Yesterday, we looked at two delicious cookies. Today, we turn our attention to cheesecakes!

We start with one of our “signature” desserts—Japanese Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake with White Chocolate and Cardamom. Lightly sweet and herbal, the creamy green tea cheesecake layer gets a boost from dense white chocolate and spicy cardamom! Sitting atop a chocolate cookie crust, both texture and the warm sweetness of chocolate finish this perfect bite-sized treat. Decorated with white and bittersweet chocolate lattice, these gems are eye-catching and delicious!

Our second of two cheesecakes is a creamy maple cheesecake, studded with dried cranberries and topped with crunchy caramelized walnuts! We think of this cheesecake as a tribute to New York—where we grew up. The maple syrup reminds us of cold upstate winter mornings, and the crunchy nuts are evocative of the caramelized nut carts that dot Manhattan during the holidays! This cheesecake was a crowd pleaser… and we’re sure it will be back on the menu next year.

Both cheesecakes are available in full-size (three pound) dessert options for your holiday meal!

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at two cakes and a tart!

Like what you see? It’s not too late to order for local delivery! Find our Assorted Holiday Cookies in 41 varieties, as well as a host of delicious holiday treats, confections, breakfast pastries, and whole desserts on our 2010 Winter Holiday Pricing Guide, available now by clicking here!
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