Thursday, December 10, 2009

Assorted Holiday Shortbreads

As a special order, we were recently commissioned to create a festive assortment of handmade shortbreads, to be given as gifts. We ran to the orenji test kitchens to dream up new flavors of shortbread, and settled on five: some classic and some brand new!

We began with our classic Tahitian vanilla bean shortbread (decorated with pink sugar), and our now-classic Hawaiian lavender shortbread (with lavender sugar)-- now a holiday favorite, and one of out most-requested items. To these two delicious flavors we added three "new" flavors-- orange blossom and tangerine (with orange sugar), French Roast coffee (with white sugar), and Matcha green tea (with red sugar). Each of these flavors is robust, which is unexpected in such a a delicate cookie!

Taken together, these cookies created a beautiful and delicious assortment, which we individually bagged...

...and then boxed...

...and then wrapped with festive holiday snowflake ribbon and decorations!
These shortbreads are perfect for shipping, perfect for giving, and even more perfect for eating!
While this was a special order, we have created 40 additional flavors of cookies this year-- all part of our orenji holiday assortment.... but supplies are limited, so order now!
Happy Holidays!

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