Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Winter Holiday Treats: assorted truffles and confections...

We love the winter holidays, here at orenji. The chill in the air, the decorations, the fantastic treats! This year, we are pleased to offer assorted chocolates and hand-made confections for the winter holidays. We recently prepared such an assortment, given as corporate gifts from a local agency. These gifts were "classic" in their presentation-- white boxes with orenji logo ribbon-- but can also be packaged with a variety of festive holiday decorations!

Contained in the assortment were three varieties of handmade Belgian chocolate truffles, two fruit jellies, two infused homemade marshmallows, and two sugary confections with floral flavors!

We started with Belgian bittersweet chocolate truffles, rich with smoked sea salt, Mexican cinnamon, and chili pepper. The saltiness and spiciness of the added seasonings perfectly complement the dark, rich bitter chocolate, giving a depth of flavor that is unrivaled!

Belgian milk chocolate was paired with the spicy herbal undertones of Earl Gray Tea, creating a delectable medley of smooth and sharp flavors! Finally, smooth white chocolate was infused with roasted sugar pumpkin and autumn spices, creating an earthy and delicious treat.

We created two kinds of fruit jellies-- nature's "gummy" candies-- sugary on the outside, smooth and melting on the inside. The first was a pomegranate and elderflower jelly, and the second, a spiced apple cider jelly. Both are evocative of winter and deliciously addictive!

Two sugary confections, with a creamy vanilla base, were infused with orange blossom flower essence and rosewater. These floral candies melt on the tongue, leaving a creamy vanilla finish!

And lastly, two handmade marshmallows-- one infused with lavender, and the other with peppermint! Lightly colored pink, the peppermint marshmallows have been the highlight of our holiday season so far! We can't stop eating them...

Remember, all of these delicious treats are available for ordering... To view our 2009 Winter Holidays Pricing Guide, visit the link on the left hand menu of the blog!

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