Saturday, December 05, 2009

a trio of new holiday cookies!

Every year, during the course of our holiday baking, we try to create new festive cookie flavors in the orenji test kitchens! This year, we created five new flavors, two of which we discussed in an earlier post. The remaining "new" flavors area presented here.

The first (pictured above) is a crispy pumpkin spice biscotti, packed with chopped macadamia nuts and Belgian white chocolate chips, these crispy cookies are the perfect accompaniment to coffee or hot chocolate. Drizzled with smooth milk chocolate, for flavor contrast, these cookies are a winner in our book!

The fourth (of five) new flavor created this year is a Finnish chestnut finger. The robust meatiness of ground chestnuts, coupled with cinnamon and nutmeg, create this elegant piped cookie. Moist and delicious, the ends of these tiny treats are dipped in Belgian bittersweet chocolate, adding both a textural and flavor contrast.

The fifth new variety of cookies this year is a delicate shortbread infused with the essence of matcha green tea-- powdered sweetened Japanese green tea. Matcha is both earthy and mossy, adding a depth of unique flavor to these buttery cookies. Rolled in crispy sanding sugar for textural contrast, and drizzled with Belgian white chocolate, these are elegant and delicious cookies!

All in all, that brings our grand total of cookies to forty varieties this year-- each as delicious as the next. Remember, it's not too late to order your holiday cookies... but don't wait too long, as supplies are limited! To order, email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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