Thursday, December 03, 2009

Visions of Christmas Past: Bouche du Noel

With the winter holidays fast approaching, we are using this time to re-visit some of our favorite orenji holiday treats! At the top of the list is the traditional Bouche du Noel-- a cake made in the classic form of the holiday yule log.

Our bouche du noel is made with a traditional genoise flavored with handcrafted pistachio praline. Dense bittersweet chocolate ganache and light and creamy chocolate buttercream are layered within the cake, which is rolled up to create the log shape.

Meringue "mushrooms" and marzipan holly leaves and berries finish the look of this beautiful (and delicious) pastry! And a dusting of confectioners' sugar creates the delicious illusion of a fresh snow fall. This cake is the perfect centerpiece, and the perfect dessert for your holiday event!

the orenji bouche du noel is available on our 2009 Winter Holiday Pricing Guide. Please visit the link in the left hand menu of our home page. Unfortunately, this item is not available for shipping.

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