Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Dessert Party (part 2)

We continue our review of the corporate Holiday Dessert Party we recently created (for the beginning of coverage of this party, click here).  The buffet contained both whole desserts and individual (bite-sized) offerings.  This post reviews three of our favorites!  The first of these items (pictured right) is a deliciously creamy three layer cheesecake-- toasted coconut, caramel, and milk chocolate!  Taken together, these three tastes created an amazing gustatory experience.  For texture and presentation, we coated the sides of the cheesecake with freshly grated and toasted coconut, and used tempered milk chocolate lattice to add dramatic and fanciful height!
The second of three desserts featured on our dessert buffet is now one of our most popular items during the fall and winter holidays-- a dense and moist pumpkin pound cake speckled with the finest Belgian bittersweet chocolate chips.  A drizzle of confectioners' icing and bittersweet chocolate add a touch of both bitter and sweet!  Glossy hand-molded chocolate leaves and acorns create a festive holiday touch.
The third dessert highlighted today are individual spiced carrot cakes-- moist, sweet, packed with pineapple, pecans, and macerated golden raisins, these little gems melted in the mouth!  Topped with creamy and smooth cream cheese icing, and dusted with toasted coconut, these cupcakes flew from the buffet faster than we could keep them stocked!

All in all, these three desserts added to the overall success of the event-- over twenty-five different dessert selections to choose from.  We will review more of these over the next few posts.  Be sure to check back... and thanks for your continued patronage of orenji!

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