Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Dessert Party (part 4)

We continue our review of the orenji Holiday Dessert Party with a look at some of the homemade confections created for that party!  The first type of confection is our homemade marshmallows (pictured left).  These fluffy white pillows are infused with various scents-- Madagascar vanilla, orange blossom, raspberry, mint.  Here, they are also decorated with festive colored sanding sugars, creating both a delicious snack and visually appealing addition to our holiday spread!

Truffles, an orenji tradition, were also prepared for the holiday dessert buffet.  We created two types of truffles-- white chocolate and pumpkin spice, and bittersweet chocolate infused with Welsh Oak sea salt, Mexican cinnamon, and chili pepper.    The mix of spices and salt creates an extraordinary combination of tastes, each enhancing the other.  While guests were initially doubtful, once they tried on of these chocolatey creations, they had to go back for more!

Orenji "mints" were the final confection prepared for the holiday dessert buffet.  These confections are dry on the outside, but soft and creamy on the inside.  Lightly flavored with natural peppermint, these are the perfect candy for a cool (or warm) holiday evening!

More holiday desserts from our "dessert drop-in" party in our next post!  Be sure to keep coming back!

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