Friday, November 05, 2010

Halloween 2010: Caramel Pears... our favorite!

Here at orenji, we love this time of year—when the air is a bit brisker, and the wind promises that winter is just around the corner. Halloween has always marked that transitional period for us, and when we were located on the East Coast, we would put on our favorite sweater, go apple picking, and enjoy the best of what autumn had to offer. Of course, in California, things are a bit different, but we are still able to find ways in which to enjoy the fall!

This Halloween, we were able to create a number of treats—some favorite and familiar, and some brand new (and soon to become favorites)! In today’s post, we are going to look at one of our favorite things—caramel pears!

We start with the finest Anjou pears, and lovingly coat them in homemade caramel—a molten mixture of fresh cream, sugar, vanilla, and butter that simmers on the stovetop for hours until it reaches just the perfect consistency!

Once dipped, the pears receive a foundation of fresh toasted and salted cashews.

Our pears are then drizzled with the finest Belgian chocolates—this year, we used both white chocolate and milk chocolate. Finally, in honor of the festive holiday, sugar decorations in black and orange were added for the spooky touch!

Decorated with rustic twigs for handles, and tied with our orenji monogram ribbon, these treats were perfect for the child (or adult!) trick-or-treater or guest.

Each of our pears (or apples) are works of art—as beautiful as they are delicious!

Like what you see? orenji caramel apples and pears are available for order for Thanksgiving 2010. Our pricing guide will be mailed this weekend, and you will find these delectable treats there!

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Keep checking back for more Halloween 2010 treats!

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