Sunday, November 07, 2010

Halloween 2010: Sea Salt Caramels Enrobed in Milk Chocolate

We continue our review of orenji’s Halloween 2010 “treats” with a look at another “favorite” of ours—and of our friends and clients: Sea Salt Caramels enrobed in Belgian Milk Chocolate!

We begin with a buttery vanilla caramel, cooked slowly, infused with pink flaked sea salt from Australia and orange sea salt from Hawai’i. The salt adds a depth of flavor to the caramel, cutting the sweetness, and balancing the sticky treat!

Once cooled, we hand cut each of the caramels, and them enrobe them in the finest Callebaut Belgian milk chocolate. Sprinkled with pink salt, these are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Boxed in chocolate brown tapered boxes, and tied with our orenji monogrammed ribbon, these treats make a perfect gift for the Thanksgiving host or hostess!

Like what you see? Sea Salt Caramels are available for order for Thanksgiving 2010 (sold by the ½ pound). Our orenji pricing guide will be mailed this weekend, and you will find these delectable treats there!

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Keep checking back for more Halloween 2010 treats!

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