Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Miniature Desserts Party

Here at orenji, we love a good party!

We were recently commissioned to contribute to a fundraising party, and asked to produce miniature desserts to both entertain and tantalize the guests!  We created six types of individual desserts-- perfect for carrying and eating while mingling and moving about an event space.  Each dessert incorporated complex flavors, creating some memorable combinations!

The first of five desserts we created were classic miniature fruit tarts… with an orenji twist! We started with a crispy buttery tart dough, baked to perfection, and brushed with the finest Belgian bittersweet chocolate. We filled our miniature tarts with smooth and dense bittersweet chocolate ganache infused with coconut rum. The ganache was topped with a fresh coconut cream—light and cool, with just a hint of Tahitian vanilla.

Seasonal fruits, including blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, Japanese mikan tangerines, and black plums finished these delicious tarts. Brushed with a light apricot glaze and topped with crunchy toasted coconut, these bite-sized treats were wildly popular with the guests!

The second of five desserts we created for the fundraising event began with matcha green tea—from Japan. We created a smooth vanilla panna cotta (gelatin-thickened creamy custard), to which we added matcha powder. Deep and herbal, this sweetened custard was perfectly evocative of the Japanese tea ceremony.

For acid and contrast, we caramelized fresh tangerine slices, placing them atop the custards. A simple caramel syrup, infused with pungent and floral grains of paradise completed this delicious addition to our repertoire. Served in individual shot glasses, with miniature tasting spoons, these were as elegant as they were delicious.

The last dessert we created was a seasonal favorite-- individual maple cheesecakes! We started with a spiced graham cracker crust, atop which we baked our smooth and creamy cheesecake filling—infused with real maple syrup! But we weren’t done conjuring up the autumn flavors we love so much.

A brandied apple compote, with dried cranberries, was spooned atop the smooth and creamy cheesecakes, with a caramelized toasted black walnut adding textural crunch to the deep brandy and crisp apple flavors! We could have eaten the whole platter of these tempting desserts… lucky for us, the guests devoured them before we had a chance! (Be looking for the 2010 orenji Thanksgiving Pricing Guide—a full-sized maple cheesecake is available for order!)

Tomorrow, we’ll post about the remaining three desserts, before moving on to document our recent spooky Halloween creations. Be sure to check back!

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