Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Miniature Desserts Party (part II)

We continue our coverage of our recently completed miniature desserts event. As our previous post reported, we were recently commissioned to create individual desserts perfect for a fundraising party in which the guests needed to have their hands free to mingle. We set out to create six uniquely flavored desserts. The first three—tropical tartlets, maple cheesecakes, and matcha green tea panna cotta—have been reviewed previously. This post will focus on the two individual cakes and Scottish Millionaire’s Shortbread!

The first of two delicious cakes we prepared were bittersweet chocolate olive oil cakes. To ensure moistness, we soaked each cake with a white crème de cacao simple syrup.

The individual cakes were decoratively frosted with milk chocolate buttercream, infused with the Indian spice mix Garam Masala—sweet, pungent, and altogether delicious, these cakes were both dense and rich, as well as fragrant and palate-cleansing. A complete hit with party-goers, we will certainly revisit this confection in the future! Chocolate lattice in both white and bittersweet chocolates completed these show-stoppers!

The second cake was a Meyer lemon pound cake, soaked in a delicious limoncello-infused syrup. The cakes were dense and flavorful, perfectly acidic!

To complement the lightness of the citrus, we paired these individual cakes with a sweet and herbal basil buttercream. The freshness of the cakes were enhanced by the deep basil flavor, with textural contrast provided by hand-candied violet petals! These cakes would be perfect for afternoon tea, bridal showers, or just about any occasion!

Lastly, we introduced our new favorite: Scottish Millionaire’s Shortbread. Dense, flaky, and butter shortbread with a hint of vanilla, is topped with a smooth and creamy dulce de leche caramel. The contrast between the creamy caramel and flaky cookie creates a melting confection in the mouth!

Smooth and delicious Belgian milk chocolate completes this dreamy dessert! While we are partial to all our creations, we recognize that our guests appear to love this one the best! Look for it on upcoming pricing guides-- the perfect gift for the winter holidays!

We next turn our attention to Halloween, and the spooky (yet delicious) treats we created for our friends and clients!

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