Sunday, December 16, 2007

Caramalized Pear Tart for the Holidays...

Here at orenji catering, we love pears. Pears are perhaps our favorite fruit. We bake with them-- pies, tarts, scones... We cook with them-- preserves, chutneys... We use them in candy-making-- caramel pears, chocolate dipped dried or candied pears. Basically, we can't get enough pears!

This tart, baked for a customer for their holiday table, started with a simple brown sugar crust-- crispy and flaky, the perfect vehicle to showcase the delicious sweetness of the pears.

Prior to baking, we caramelized the pear slices delicately in sugar, butter, and vanilla-- heating them over low heat until their excess moisture evaporated and the natural sugars turned a deep caramel color. This caramelized pear filling with the base for the tart.

We then layered thin slices of pear over the caramelized filling, brushing each piece with sweet creamery butter and sprinkling the tops with demerara sugar for sweetness and luster.

The end result was a deeply flavored, and beautifully glittery caramelized pear tart. We wrapped it up for transport... and are told that it was a delicious ending to a wonderful holiday celebration!

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