Monday, December 17, 2007

More Holiday Desserts: Pumpkin and Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecake...

Our coverage of some of our favorite holiday desserts prepared during the fall and winter holidays continues with a focus on a delicious and beautiful cheesecake we created for Thanksgiving. We had a request for a pumpkin cheesecake, but wanted to update it a little-- put an "orenji twist" on it!
We have always thought that bittersweet chocolate compliments the flavor of pumpkin deliciously, so we decided to combine the flavors in a decadent and smooth cheesecake.
We started with a chocolate crust, on which we spread a dense and smooth Belgian bittersweet chocolate cheesecake layer.

On top of the bittersweet chocolate layer, we poured the pumpkin cheesecake filling-- prepared with roasted sugar pumpkin, vanilla, and spices. Smooth and creamy, and somewhat lighter in texture than the bittersweet chocolate later, the pumpkin was the perfect compliment to the cheesecake base.
To finish the dessert, we attached hand painted bittersweet chocolate leaves to the sides of the cheesecake. Eye catching and delicious, all reports indicate that this dessert was enjoyed tremendously by our friend and client's guests at dinner.
More holiday desserts to come. Keep reading!

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