Monday, December 03, 2007

a Thanksgiving feast: an autumn dessert...

We conclude our review of the orenji catering 2007 Thanksgiving feast with dessert- the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.
Finishing our meal required the perfect Thanksgiving dessert. We considered both pumpkin and pecan pie, being traditional for thanksgiving, but then decided to put our orenji twist on it!
We started with a pumpkin bread pudding, infused with cinnamon and vanilla bean, as well as pureed roasted sugar pumpkin. Light and fluffy, we served the bread pudding warm with a scoop of "pecan pie ice cream." The creamy ice cream started with a vanilla bean base, into which we swirled a brown sugar and pecan caramel filling, reminiscent of decadent pecan pie.
To compliment the two pie-inspired components of the dish, we created a cinnamon and mascarpone crema, as well as crispy leaf-shaped short bread decorated with unrefined demarara sugar.
A swirl of whiskey and sea salt infused caramel completed this delicious dessert.
Overall, it was a wonderful meal-- perfect for Thanksgiving. Here at orenji catering, we are extremely thankful for our friends, patrons, and all the wonderful gifts we have been given this year. Thanks to all who have contributed to the growth of orenji catering!

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