Sunday, December 09, 2007

culinary scarecrows?

During our recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, we had the opportunity to enjoy a number of culinary experiences at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival (see previous posts). Of course, for fun, we also visited the Magic Kingdom itself... and stumbled across these delightfully whimsical scarecrows with a culinary theme.
What better way to say goodbye to autumn and usher in the winter holidays than with pumpkin-headed scarecrows?
We particularly enjoy how the chef's bag of sugar has sprung a leak-- now that's a sweet accident!

And not only do we have a scarecrow chef, he was accompanied by a sweets maker-- caramel apples (something close to our hearts, here at orenji catering-- see previous posts on our famous apples and pears), and a partially-eaten lollipop! I guess she couldn't wait to sink her pumpkin teeth into that sweet treat!

Well, the culinary scarecrows may have frightened autumn away, but that only makes room for winter and the winter holidays... keep checking back for more coverage of our holiday 2007 cookies, confections, and treats!

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